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Link Jackson was born in Montana to a back
country guide and sportsman. He roamed the wild places throughout his life fly fishing, running rivers, back country
skiing, backpacking and pursuing outdoor adventures.

The camera has always been his constant companion. He studied the arts in college and paid some of his college costs selling his paintings. His other business, Streamtech Boats, provides a forum for applying artistic designs to the painting of boats, oars and various related accessories.

Running rivers, expeditions and traveling in the boat business offers opportunity to collect thousands of images, some of which become reference for paintings.

His works have appeared in Galleries, Magazine Spreads, Private Shows, on dozens of Streamtech Boats, in Books and on products. His art is often in for conservation projects. His works have also won several awards.



  • Chief of Art: Streamtech Boats, designer and Artist painting custom River boats in Fish Art and other themes.

  • Featured Artist: TROUT magazine, the quarterly
    Trout Unlimited periodical

  • Featured Artist: Zion’s Bank “Artists Reception”
    2015, 2016, 2017, 2018

  • Artist, Artisan Series Oars: Originating artist for
    the Artisan Series of Sawyer’s Square Top oars with proceeds benefiting Conservation

  • Featured Artist: Providing photographs, paintings and Fly patterns for the book, “America’s Favorite Flies” featuring some of the finest Fishing Artists in the world.

  • Featured Artist: Providing paintings for the book by Donald Zaroban, “Fishes of Idaho - A Natural History Survey ”.

  • Winner: 6 time winner Outdoor Idaho Iconic Idaho photography contest. proceeds benefiting Save Our Wild Salmon.

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